FreeCell Classic for Tablets & iPhones

FreeCell Classic, No Advertisements Description. FreeCell Classic, the latest version, is a exciting and popular online klassik solitaire game. If you enjoy playing FreeCell Classic on your old classic computer, then you absolutely must also enjoy this freecell classic online. The new interface and rules have Magik been completely rebuilt from scratch, so as to offer the best game play experience that it’s possible to have on any computer – period!

In freecell classic, the game is played in an almost “choose-your-turn” fashion. For example, you will move your piles of cards one at a time, and click on the little plus sign (+) above your piles to add new cards to your hand. You will then click the “uffle” button to put all of your new cards into your discard pile. When you’re ready for the next round, simply click on the board icon, and you’ll return to the start of your turn.

As mentioned in our freecell classic review, this brand new version of the classic card game offers many improvements over the original freecell classic. However, if you’re not a fan of online gaming, or do not own an ipad, the online version does not require any monthly fees or downloads. The ability to Amok play the game on your table top computer and iPad, and even use the provided iPhone/ipad keyboard, make this app a must have for all collectors of board games, and non-gamers alike.

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